The passion you want.

My house is clean, so 1 Home point.

Pedro texted me and said ‘I think warm and fond thoughts you of every day’.  I said ‘Really? I thought you had gone off me’. It’s nice of him to think fondly of me but we seem not to have had a date for a couple of weeks so I don’t know what the score is. Maybe he is just keeping his options open, I don’t know. I told him I am losing weight really fast, so that ought to keep my eating habits in check for the time being because it would be well embarrassing if we met up and I looked even fatter than before, or even just unchanged.

I admit to wasting an hour having a little bit of a pine for Abdul, for whom I felt a hot, bloody passion. And I might have had a little think about JC as well. These men may not be the great loves of my life (JC might be a contender for that as well, actually), but they have certainly been the great loves of TLYW and I miss it when it is not there. It is like covering everything in tabasco sauce for a few days or a few months and then trying to get used to a probably healthier diet of plain soft-boiled eggs. I know that food is probably better for you when it is not taking the skin off the roof of your mouth but I seem to be a bit addicted to those powerful spicy flavours.

Meh. I should concentrate on work, there is enough of it. There will be more travel before the summer is out.

Shall we have some Donna Summer? Why not.

Yes, I do know why I’m alive. To love and be with you, day by day by day by day.

Donna Summer: State of Independence (1982)

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