Well, that was cathartic.

As is often the case when I decide to make a serious effort with TLYW, work suddenly went mental, scuppering all my plans. And then I had the migraine from hell, which I would not wish on anyone. It was three days of sordid frightfulness which I shall not describe. I am just over it today and recovering my strength. Bizarrely, I actually feel better now than I did before it kicked in. The lingering cough that was hanging around has completely gone and I seem to have lost at least three pounds thanks to consuming nothing but water. I am noticeably slimmer around the middle, which is rather good. So we shan’t complain.

I am not sure what’s happening with Pedro. I’m not sure if it’s on or off. Maybe off. I don’t mind either way, really, It’s not like we’ve been seeing each other long enough to get emotionally involved. I’ll keep you posted. Right now I’m going to make some more tea and continue waiting for my strength to come back.

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