Staying Hot

Finally, some summer involving sunshine has arrived in London. And it is like a miracle: sun comes out, appetite for carbohydrates or really any food disappears. I am starting to think that I should go and live in a hot country. I think the reason I’m hungry all the time and a bit prone to chest infections is because I live in a place that is cold and damp, not to mention heavy on the pollution. I think I should quit Chinese, learn Arabic and go and live in North Africa or the Middle East.

Now for a tune, like we always do about this time. You’ve really got to hear this, I was sauntering around my manor earlier with this on the headphones. It is The Bee Gees, mashed up with Nelly. Oh yeah. You know you want it.

Somebody help me! I’m gonna take my clothes off!

Bee Gees vs Nelly: Staying Hot


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