My internet access went down this evening. I did so much housework! I cleaned behind shelving cabinets, did some heavy dusting and floor mopping, organised all my knitting projects and knitting magazines so they are tidily stashed away in decorative boxes rather than lying around all over the floor in nasty-looking supermarket shopping bags, and I even did some de-cluttering and gave Little G some things to take to the charity shop.

Obviously there is more to do. That’s the thing with cleaning. If you clean and organise one part of the house, it makes everything else look shit. Also decluttering can lead to piles of things appearing on your bedroom floor, waiting to be put away. Anyway. Tomorrow is another day.

I am so impressed with myself! 1 Home point. I need to start  collecting points seriously again now, if I can’t manage one point a day then I’m not even trying.

Frazier Chorus: Dream Kitchen

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