I feel I should apologise to all the tourists who are in London right now, who came here on holiday on the understanding that June is summer. It is dark and it is pouring with rain. It makes me want to be somewhere with sun. Abdul has a new photo up and he looks delicious and so does the beach. I love his face and his body language, he’s full of attitude. He’s really intelligent and political, but he’s also quite aware of his own beauty, with the result that he looks great in photos. We are chatting a little bit. Nothing too heavy. I don’t think we are quite finished with each other. I feel like I just need about two or three weeks with him, actually, that would be enough. Just enough time for us to say all the things to each other that need saying.

In other news, I am seriously, calorie-counting, Proper Dieting as of today. My fridge is stuffed with fresh vegetables. Oh yes, and I bought digital scales at last. They did not immediately knock five pounds off me but at least I believe what they are saying. There’s a fifth date with Mr Environmentalist coming up so there’s every reason now to get back in shape.

Let’s have a tune. Let’s have some Wu-Tang.

Wu-Tang Clan: Gravel Pit (2000)

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