Love, Etc.

Well. That was an unexpectedly nice evening. I even scored an Art point.

So it was my third date with Mr Environmentalist. As you know, in the fickle and consumerist culture of online dating, while no date is ever really that bad, only about 10% of first dates turn into a second date. Third dates almost never happen. In online dating years, three dates is a long, serious relationship.

So we had our third date (omg yay). I asked him for suggestions of things we could do. He came up with quite a few good ones. Because I wasn’t feeling very attractive, I opted for a date where I could keep my clothes on, so we went to the cinema. This was the only reason we went out. Otherwise I totally would have picked an indoors date.

Well, the cinema turned out to be great! We went to the British Film Institute and saw The King of Marvin Gardens (dir Bob Rafelson, 1972), starring Jack Nicholson and Ellen Burstyn.

marvin gardens

Blah blah, intelligent film reviews, you can find them. Let’s cut to the good part.

The mood was romantic and kissy and discreetly sexy. He is really sweet. I like him. He isn’t overbearing, he’s self-effacing if anything, but he likes to hold hands and kiss and say ‘you are beautiful’. It is very hard indeed not to like him. There totally is going to be a fourth date, this weekend and I am wondering where I can get emergency liposuction.

And THEN, as I was on my way home like a good girl who has work in the morning, I received a text from Abdul in Egypt. It didn’t say ‘Come out here to Egypt nao and be my wife’, it was just a hello, how are you kind of thing. It made my heart do a little skip and a jump when his text arrived, something I haven’t felt since the JC era. Oh, readers. Let’s all cross our fingers for a sensible outcome here. We are pretty much relying on his common sense.

The Melodians ft. U-Roy: Everybody Bawlin (1971)

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