Sound of Egypt

Since my return from Egypt I’ve been looking around for an example of some of the great music I heard there and at last I’ve found some. Egypt has a vibrant culture, I was reading someone’s website the other day and they described it as the Hollywood of the Arab world, which I thought was an interesting remark. It has distinctive home-grown music. The Western listener readily finds in it hip-hop and house rhythms, giving it instant likeability, yet at the same time the melodies, lyrics and arrangements are not like anything that Western culture has ever produced. Awesome. With my limited understanding, the word for ‘local music’ in Egypt is mahragan. Here is some.

I wish I could credit this artist by name. If anyone reads Arabic and can tell me who he is and perhaps the name of the song, that would be great.

Get up and dance. Hip to the motherfucking hop, seriously.


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