Weekend of Art & Culture

OK, so weekend news.

I went on a date with Summer of Love #9, a South American doctor. We went to see the Sebastião Salgado exhibition, ‘Genesis’, at the Natural History Museum. It is on in London until 8 September, so you have plenty of time to see it.

It is a collection of portraits of wildlife, places and people. Locations include Papua New Guinea, Sudan, Madagascar, Russia and Canada.

salgado mursi village


As you can see, the art was pretty fantastic. 1 Art point. As for the date, meh. He was very pleasant and there was no chemistry.

The weekend also featured Fortnum & Mason, where I met up with my Vietnamese friend. We had afternoon tea in the tea room, he was dressed up to the nines and displayed the best manners of anyone I’ve ever dated in my whole life.



In the evening we went to the Cambridge Theatre to see the new musical Matilda. I know, I am full of surprises. 1 Art point. It was a lovely production. The actors were wonderful, energetic and talented, especially the children. The sets were gorgeous. The songs were funny. It was everything you could want. My date was beyond thrilled with it.

matilda set

I should play you a show tune, shouldn’t I. Music and lyrics by Tim Minchin. Here’s ‘When I Grow Up’.

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