Weakly Weigh In

I am getting new scales. Digital ones. These scales, I hate them. They lie and spread misery. They will tell you that you magically lost seven pounds in as many days and then 10 days later tell you that you put 10 lbs back on. It is not physically possible.

While those scales have never told the true story about anything, things that do not lie include my clothes. From these I can discern that I am indeed a big fat bastard. This is highly inconvenient in light of the fact that:

– Mr Environmentalist and I are going to have a third date. We are just both going to have to agree that we like fat girls.

– I have an active weekend planned involving multiple restaurants. I think it was all the bars and restaurants that account for my suddenly increased girth.

Let’s have some KRS-One, for no other reason than because he is a boss.

KRS-One: Rappaz R.N. Dainja (1993)

2 thoughts on “Weakly Weigh In”

    1. Oh, the pleasure is all mine. It really makes me so happy when people like the music. If they like the music and they don’t like anything I ever write, that would be enough.

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