Summer of Love: End of Part 1.

Tonight’s date has just cancelled and that more or less concludes Summer of Love Part 1. Let’s review what happened.

Dating Websites Comparison.

As you know, I have profiles on two websites. Brand A is youthful, I have a detailed profile and moderately sexy photos. Brand B is more conservative and I have a shorter profile and photos that are more befitting the brand. How did they compare?

The initial wave of interest when I activated my profiles was similar across the two sites. A lot more people looked at my profile on Site A, but the two sites delivered a similar number of good quality offers of dates.


However, this initial parity quickly disappeared. Brand A and Brand B immediately parted company in terms of rates of conversion from mere offers of dates to actual dates happening in the real world. With one exception, the offers of dates from the gentlemen at Brand B simply failed to materialise.


If you are wondering what happened to those missing three men at Brand A, two cancelled with promises of a reschedule and one fell slightly outside the time frame we are measuring here, as I’m not meeting him until next week.

The Dates

I met 8 jolly nice people. Our dates turned out as follows.

how it went

The person who made it to a second date was of course Mr Environmentalist. I am not counting tea & theatre with the other guy because it hasn’t happened yet and we are just going as friends. Mr E and I are chatting a little bit by text message and I am waiting for him to offer me a third date. Come on! I would be really happy if we could achieve something sustainable for even a few months.

And where did all these people come from, just out of interest?


I feel so incredibly fortunate to live in London where you can meet these fascinating, courageous people from nearly every country in the world.

Next Steps

And here is what we are going to do next. We’ll do this for about a month or so and then after that get out there and meet 10 more people. I am way too chunky and my date clothes are a bit tight on me. That needs to change, seriously change.


And that’s all tonight’s dating news.

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