Summer of Love #8: Mr Leaving In Fourteen Days plus! Muslamic Regimes

Another really sweet man. Vietnamese. Works in advertising. Is leaving the UK and going home to Vietnam in exactly two weeks. I discovered that even though he’s been in London five years, there are a couple of very important London-type things that he’s never done, including Afternoon Tea and Theatre, so we are going to attempt to do both of those in one day between now and when he gets on the plane.

Now for a music video and a bit of politics. The violent incident in Woolwich a few days ago was responded to with predictable anger and prejudice by the English Defence League, a small group of British Islamophobes. A member of the EDL is interviewed by the press in this video. The gentleman is very concerned about ‘Muslamic regimes’, which he thinks is pronounced ‘ray-gams’. I won’t even discuss the wrongheadedness of ‘Muslamic’, lol.  The whole thing is beautifully edited and set to music by Alex Vegas and it is a work of comic genius. Ready to sing along?

It’s happening, it’s happening, it’s happening in other countries

It’s happening in every countries, like

eh … like … like … you got.

Alex Vegas ft English Defence League: Muslamic Ray Guns (2011)

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