Summer of Love #4: Mr Environmentalist

Ooh, readers. He was a bit special. We had chemistry. He is early thirties, slim, nice looking. Portuguese. Nice accent. Well-read. Likes social science, esp anthropology. Was interesting. Was so sweet and considerate and concerned that I should think well of him. Oh, and he has a nice job where he tries to restore nature instead of destroying everything with capitalism.

We had such a lovely time. We have got it all worked out, everything, the whole relationship. We have planned what kind of sex we are going to have and what we are doing about contraception, we have decided what each of us is getting the other for their birthday (mine in August, his in September) and we agreed to go on holiday together and have already picked out a destination. And we kissed and stuff. But mainly we talked and smiled at each other.

We are seeing each other again this weekend. I am excited. It will have to fit in around the 17 other dates that I’ve got lined up.

Squee! Seems like the blue eyeliner paid off.

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