Beauty Trends: blue eyeliner

I am totes going out this evening in blue eyeliner because beauty trends. Also, the consequences of not ever changing your make-up are known to be dire. You know how Kate Middleton always wears too much black eyeliner, making her look older than her mom, Carole. That is what we want to avoid. So. Blue eyeliner. It’s a summer trend. It is a scary thing to put on brand new make up, esp right before a date but it’s too late to take it all off now.

My tips for wearing blue eyeliner:

– you need a nude eye. By nude, I obviously don’t mean no make-up. I mean you have spent 15 minutes applying primer and concealer so that your eyes appear to be the same colour all over, that being the same colour as the rest of your face.

– lay on that blue eyeliner – top lid only – and don’t hold back.

– wear as little mascara as you can stand, you are trying to make yourself look younger, not older, so restrain yourself. Light blusher or bronzer or whatever you usually wear and nude lips.

I’ve just checked it out in my favourite mirror in the bathroom, where the light is good, and it is a very fresh, youthful look and nice for summer. Quite deceptive, really. The bright blue eyeliner acts to distract attention away from all the preparatory work that went on with the primer and concealer.

Jessica Alba in Glamour magazine:


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