Summer of Love #3: Mr Gorgeous 29-year-old Model.

Oh, so pretty. So nice to sit across the dinner table looking at such a pretty face. Such a sweet boy. Old enough to say interesting and clever things. Young enough to still be wearing the face of an angel.

Will we see each other, again, I don’t know. I did not feel waves of scorching passion coming off him, but there was a warm, steady current of Like that could probably be converted into Strongly Like if we were to spend any time alone together. So we’ll see. We’re both busy now for a couple of weeks (because he has got important MODELLING to do, yo) so I said I would text him then and see what’s happening.

Is this going to be my big summer romance? Probably not. But it could possibly become a little something something if we don’t rush it and if the sun shines on it just right.

Jah Roots: Good Highs (2006)


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