Summer of Love #1: Mr Inappropriately Romantic

Points in favour:

  • Not bad looking.
  • Professional, good career. Has his own flat in a nice part of London.
  • Spanish, so sexy accent.

Points against:

  • OMG stop already. Please. We just met. Don’t hold my hand across the dinner table, attempt to stroke my face, make endless, gushing compliments, kiss me when I’ve showed absolutely no sign of wanting to you to do that, ‘help’ me with my scarf in a way that I don’t need or gaze into my eyes like this is the first date you’ve ever been on in your whole life. I am going to take your word for it that you have actually dated real human women in the past but you should recognise that that is an act of faith on my part because the way you are acting is way over the top, so far over the top it is a bit ridiculous.
  • Further to the above, dude, if I have to tell you FIVE TIMES in one date to dial back the romance, for fucks sake will you please listen because I’m not saying it for a joke.

At least he paid for dinner. Overall, that date was kind of annoying. He seemed nice in many ways, is not bad looking, intelligent enough, we could go to a concert or something together, I would give him a second date and another chance but all of the above made everything such hard work, after two hours together I was exhausted.

Meh. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

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