Summer of Love

Yes, it’s time for one of our seasonal specials. As you know, the Twelve Dates of Xmas worked out well, insofar as I was in a new relationship with Marcel by New Year and that was a happy enough arrangement for four months, so I am ready to give systematic dating another try.

I now have active profiles on two dating sites. A youthful site where I say a lot about myself and a more conservative one where I say much less and have less sexy photos. To my surprise, they are yielding similar results in terms of leads. The profile on the younger site gets looked at a lot more but the number of attractive, bright people who are interested in arranging a date with me is similar from one site to the next.

Since I now have rather a full diary for the coming week, then, and as I really cannot allow myself to pine for Abdul, who I have left behind in Egypt, let’s declare it a new dating season and make the most of what London has to offer. Here goes.

summer med 1

I suppose we’d better have an objective or plan, hadn’t we. The Xmas project involved meeting the first 12 interesting people to message me on the dating website, to see what happened. This time, let’s have a more qualitative goal. It’s the end of May now. I’d like to be in love with someone who lives near me and is actually available for a relationship by the end of September.

I’ll keep a tally and publish regular date reports and probably graphs and things like that as well. Wish me luck!

The Bangles: Walk Like An Egyptian

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