Gloria Valentine

I know, you are waiting for holiday photos but first it’s our regular love and dating news update, for those of us who like that kind of trivial gossip.

The story so far:

  1. Find myself single in late 2010, following a long relationship. Take a year to recover.
  2. Late 2011, meet JC and spend the next year out of my mind in love with him despite the entire relationship being conducted remotely.
  3. December 2012, meet Marcel. Finally get over JC.
  4. May 2013, break up with Marcel.

The news:

So I went on holiday, to Egypt, in fact. And there was this tour guide. Stop laughing. We didn’t do anything. We just had a really nice little special bond for a couple of days. My god, I wanted to cry when I had to leave him. He wasn’t the tallest Egyptian man in Sharm El Sheikh, he wasn’t the prettiest, some of those men are young gods and should be getting rich off modelling for Calvin Klein instead of taking tourists snorkelling. Abdul is not one of these traffic-stopping, obvious beauties. He is petite and his face in repose is thoughtful to the point of severity. He is 38. He did history at university. He is extremely serious and philosophical and his intelligent, brooding face is now written all over my heart. I just completely loved him to pieces.

Coming next:

I’m back in London and I now have active profiles on a couple of dating sites. I have no idea what I’m looking for any more. I’m getting incoming mail, as one would expect and hope, so we’ll see who shows up. A couple of Chinese guys are showing an interest. I would love a Chinese boyfriend who wanted to help me improve my language skills, that would be amazing. More news as it happens.

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