Egypt, part 4: Ras Mohammed

Now I can show you some decent photographs of why you would want to go snorkelling in Egypt, although I don’t have any underwater coral shots for you. Little G and I went on a boat cruise around Ras Mohammed which is a national park and has very beautiful coastline, clear blue sea and a lot of snorkelling opportunities. Snorkelling is great fun but not very dignified to look at, which is quite funny. So here is how it all looks from the boat.

Look at that blue sea. Wow.


Everyone gets their snorkelling gear on. People had wildly different levels of skill, not that I am in a position to mock. See the group leader in the black wetsuit? His beauty even outshone the coast and the coral reefs. If any model agents are reading this blog, you need to go to Naama Bay Jetty and take a look at him without further ado.


In the water. Snorkelling is amazing, I hadn’t tried it before this trip. I’m not the world’s strongest swimmer, watching this group splashing around and bumping into each other made me feel so lucky that I had a private snorkelling lesson the day before, the sweet luxury of private moments with someone who’s holding your hand.


It was just unbelievably lovely. I still haven’t seen the pyramids. I want to go back.


And that’s all the news.

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