Egypt, part 2: The day I fell in love.

AKA “Sinai Jeep Safari, Abu Galum Snorkeling, Camel Ride and Bedouin Lunch”

We met outside my hotel at 7am. As we drove in the jeep out of Naama Bay, we immediately got talking about religion and philosophy (interesting, in light of my being a rabid atheist and him being a Muslim). Mid-morning found us standing in the desert and I could feel myself teetering on the edge of being in love with him as we debated the nature of human consciousness.


Then we went to Abu Galum which is an important area of coastline and where Abdul gave me a snorkelling lesson. At this point it’s about 1.30pm and my love for him is complete. This sweet episode remains undocumented in photographs, so you will have to make do with a view of the coast, hastily snapped from the back of a camel. A bit further down the beach, where we were heading, are beautiful coral reefs and this was the point of the snorkelling.


Camels on the beach:


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