World of Yorkshire

I’ve just had such a nice long weekend in Yorkshire, courtesy of my dear friend C.  The countryside is beautiful. I felt like I was in Skyrim. I wished I had a robe and a magic staff. Next time I visit, I might take a costume.



We finally reached the inn, which sadly was owned by humans and not dwarves. Imagine my joy when we spotted a dragon!


In other local headline news:


For contrast, in London we have these:

police board

It was such a great weekend. We watched movies, I knit half a sweater, C tried out her new pasta machine, we were sociable with C’s mom who is 80ish and totally kick-ass. There was shopping. I got drunk. The food was amazing. C bought me the dragon to bring home! Best weekend I’ve had for ages. Thank you so much, C, that was brilliant. Love you. 1 Friends point.

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