Diet Fail

The weight loss ticker was reminding me to update it, which I reluctantly did, this meant I had to get on the scales which were covered in a layer of dust. I’ve gained 10 lbs since February. I am ashamed of myself. The whole purpose of this weight loss project is to shift about 30 lbs total. I had managed to lose 20 and now I’ve put 10 back on!! I am appalled at myself. No more messing around now. Exercise every day and salad for the rest of my life and no more cupcakes or lattes ever again. And no more using the oven, I knew learning to use the oven was a bad idea. It’s a good job Marcel’s not around because I would be embarrassed to take my clothes off.

2 thoughts on “Diet Fail”

  1. I know how you feel… I currently have a weight loss project myself, and I’ve definitely had similar experiences as you before. I’ve lost weight, then gained it all back. This time it’s different, though, I know I’m going to make it! I used to spend endless hours fretting over the fact that I’m not even down to the weight I started out on the last time, and if I’d only kept going bach then, I would’ve reached my goal ages ago… but I’ve finally figured out that I need to let that go, because it doesn’t help and only makes me want to give up. The only thing to do is to start again – eat healthy and put on those sneakers… If I can do it, then you definitely can! And hey, at least you haven’t gained it all back (silver lining!) Best of luck to you!

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