Is there anything nicer than Thunder Bluff at sunrise? I think not.


I woke up at 3am and couldn’t get back to sleep, so what are you gonna do?

I must confess I am not scoring a lot of points at the moment. I am dieting, which is good. The thing I like about dieting is that it is not really that hard, you just eat less. It’s not a massive effort or anything.

I’m still reading and have nearly finished Lionel Asbo.

Dating wise, things are a bit crummy. Marcel and I are still getting on well but we have run into a whole month of conflicting diary schedules. He’s travelling, then I’m out of town. I think he’s on a plane to the US right about now. It was my mom’s birthday one weekend, then the next week he went to France to visit his mom. I haven’t seen him for about 3 weeks and it could be another fortnight before we’re next in London at the same time. I wouldn’t mind this too much but he is also not being very communicative and it makes me feel like I might as well be single. I’m not getting any sex and when I get lonely I think about JC which is not really helpful for anyone.

Meh. My house is messy and I can’t be arsed to go to the gym and I have been awake since 3am. So that’s why I’m going to Azeroth.

If we have any Warcrafters in the audience, here’s what I’m doing. Everyone else, there’s a nice tune at the end.

  • That’s obviously my death knight that you see there. I have 7 main characters, four of which are level 90 and the remainder are 87. So this DK is 87 and it’s her turn to be levelled up.
  • I also have four other junior characters because I wanted one of every class. So when I get bored doing all the Pandaria quests, there’s an alternative. My level 39 druid is spending a lot of time doing pet battles and I am amazed how much xp you get for doing that, she hasn’t any time to do any quests before she has become too high a level for each zone.
  • I’m glad I have some lower level characters also because the AH is flooded with Pandaria crafting materials at rock bottom prices and you can actually charge more for things like rune cloth and fel iron than you can for the higher level stuff. This is a relevant concern because the cost of flying training is fucking ridiculous and as noted, I have a lot of characters who all have to be paid for. My shadow priest just hit 90 and she’s not getting any flying training until I’ve made 9k on the AH.
  • All my characters belong to my guild, which is entirely populated by me. OK, me and a 12th character, a low level goblin, which is owned by my ex boyfriend, who I occasionally call on for those guild admin tasks where you need more than one account. As my entire guild is basically just me solo-ing and not even doing any dungeons, it pleases me greatly to report that it is a level 8 guild.
  • I am moderately sick of growing vegetables at Halfhill, yet I cannot stop.

And now for some music. Here’s Big Youth, who knows what the girls want. Lord have mercy.

Big Youth: Natty Dread She Want


More mountains in the early morning sun:


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