Right then, that’s me back on the fitness wagon.

So yeah I scored a second Books point over the weekend. I read The Poisoned Island by Lloyd Shepherd (2013), a historical novel set in the early 19th century about a ship that returns to London full of plants that have been plundered from Tahiti and that are destined for Kew Gardens, with fatal results. I don’t care too much about murder mysteries or the practices of early 19th-century detectives in London, but the parts of the story that took place in Tahiti made a refreshing change, and the relationships among the sailors are quite engaging, so 7/10. I had this on my desktop while I was reading:

William Hodges, Tahiti Revisited, 1776


I finished The Poisoned Island almost in one sitting and then made a start on Lionel Asbo: State of England by Martin Amis (2012). You know Amis. He can really write. It’s proper literature. He’s funny. And it’s full of desperate corners of London. I might tell you some more about it when I’ve finished it.

And now I need to get off my fat arse. I need to get on a strict diet IMMEDIATELY and get back in the gym like I mean it. More travel is coming up. Not to Tahiti, but to somewhere nearly as good. There might need to be swimwear. I am doing low carb as of right now.

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