I wonder if I’m still recognisable from 15 years ago.

I am staying on top of the housework and I’m claiming 2 Home points. I’ve had an easy time of it recently because Marcel has moved into a new flat and his flatmate has been away for a couple of weeks so we have been able to entertain ourselves there. This saves me a lot of housework as all I have to do ahead of our dates is put on a nice dress instead of cleaning the whole damn house and making afternoon tea just to provide a suitable environment in which to have sex.

Having said that, I might find renewed motivation for a really big session of making the house look super because I have reconnected with an old boyfriend from 15 years ago (!), and while I do not expect that we are going to be having a relationship, I could see how he might end up visiting me here. So we will get out the best china, put a Victoria sponge on a doily and see what happens. So that being the case I had better dust and sweep the floors.

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