I haven’t been to the gym since 30 March because as we all know I am only capable of concentrating on one thing at a time, so if I’m doing Chinese I’m probably not doing gym, and vice versa.

However, it’s not all bad news, I did score 1 Health point by going back to the dentist’s office to get my last three ceramic teeth fitted. Hooray! This marks the official end of the huge, 18-month rebuilding project that we just did at the back of my mouth. I have a newly reconstructed cheekbone, six titanium rods in my face and six hard-wearing, newly installed teeth.


Hot Dentist was not there! 😦

Boss Dentist said “Where is he?” I said “I don’t know!” and looked sad. Boss Dentist took photos of my teeth to give to Hot Dentist.

Although this is disappointing, the good news (LOL) is that I can always use more work on my gums and also we were talking about doing a bridge on the other side of my face so yeah, how ’bout that. Let’s do a bridge. I will give him a call.

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