About time.



The Beat: Stand Down Margaret


Thatcher’s Britain

This is my Britain. This is the Britain I grew up with, it was Thatcher’s Britain into which I emerged as a young adult. My generation was terrified of her. There was no work. There was extreme police brutality. Her face on the TV all the time talking about how she was going to take more and more away from the poor, even though we had nothing to begin with.

The Miners’ Strike, 1984



miners 2




Mass unemployment (photos by artist Paul Graham). People in the 1980s spent hours, days, months, years of their precious lives in hellish dole offices like these because there was no work to let them provide for themselves or their families. I know this because I was there.


graham 1


graham 2


Riots in Toxteth, Handsworth and Brixton, 1981, 1985







Hillsborough, 1989. Lest we forget.



Political art by Crass



Crass: Do They Owe Us A Living?

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