So I went out for dinner with my friend B, earning 1 Friends point and I’ve also made another visit to the gym. This last couple of visits I’ve been less interested in cardio than I am in weights. I know a lot already about how it feels to, for example, run for an hour and not do any weights, I know how you feel after doing a long session of cardio. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the condition in which I would expect to find myself would be one of bright red face, pouring with sweat, completely exhausted, etc.

In contrast, I find that doing a long, hard session of weights accompanied by minimal cardio doesn’t make me go red in the face or work up much of a sweat, even when I’m pushing the maximum amount of weight that I can sensibly push. I don’t feel like keeling over at the end. So this leads me to think that weights is a lot easier. But then later when I get home I just want to go for a nap, lol. Weights. It’s a more subtle form of energy expenditure than doing cardio, I reckon. Anyway, 1 Health point. I’m going for a lie down.

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