Month: March 2013

Erm, is this normal?

So I went to the gym again and lifted weights, the maximum amount that I can sensibly lift without endangering myself (1 Health point). And when I returned from the gym I was once again completely wiped out and had to go to sleep. Is this supposed to happen? I thought exercise was supposed to give you more energy. Weight-lifting readers, plz to be commenting.


So I went out for dinner with my friend B, earning 1 Friends point and I’ve also made another visit to the gym. This last couple of visits I’ve been less interested in cardio than I am in weights. I know a lot already about how it feels to, for example, run for an hour and not do any weights, I know how you feel after doing a long session of cardio. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the condition in which I would expect to find myself would be one of bright red face, pouring with sweat, completely exhausted, etc.

In contrast, I find that doing a long, hard session of weights accompanied by minimal cardio doesn’t make me go red in the face or work up much of a sweat, even when I’m pushing the maximum amount of weight that I can sensibly push. I don’t feel like keeling over at the end. So this leads me to think that weights is a lot easier. But then later when I get home I just want to go for a nap, lol. Weights. It’s a more subtle form of energy expenditure than doing cardio, I reckon. Anyway, 1 Health point. I’m going for a lie down.

Easter fun

Work is so completely manic, we’ve just accepted more international work so I might be globe-trotting again soon. In the meantime, it’s Easter and we all know that the true meaning of Easter is getting a couple of days off work either side of the weekend. In celebration, I’m going to try and do one self improving thing and one fun thing every day for a few days and see how that works out.

I had my hair done this morning, which was stupid of me because now I don’t want to go the gym because I have professionally styled hair so I will have to improve myself by doing some Chinese instead.

Ha ha, fitness.

I went to the gym! I did about an hour or so of the usual thing, weights, bit of cardio, and when I came home I felt like I had run a marathon and passed out for two hours. Anyway. 1 Health point.

Gym Bag

The stupid things that hold you back. Like not being able to remember what needs to go in your gym bag. Here’s my list, because the only thing I can recall without trying is my shoes.

  • Arrive: membership card to get in.
  • In the gym: hair band, list of exercises, pencil, small hand towel, phone, headphones, belt with pockets, tissues, water bottle.
  • In the locker room: padlock for locker.
  • In the shower: flip flops, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel.
  • Out of the shower: big towel, comb, moisturiser, deodorant.
  • Clean t-shirt, underwear and socks to come home in.

Snoop Dogg: Pump Pump (1993)

I will go to the gym today, I swear I will

I don’t know what’s wrong with me, I don’t know what it is about the gym that makes me start thinking it’s radioactive if I miss a day.

I am going today. I will! I will go. I am going to trick myself into it by breaking it down into very small stages such as ‘just’ packing my gym bag and then just, casually, walking in the direction of the gym while carrying my bag.