Month: February 2013

14 inches of chocolate rabbit.

I am not even joking.


It was a present from Marcel, who has exceptionally good manners and rarely shows up without a small gift. I told him: ‘that is, without a doubt, the largest chocolate rabbit that anyone has ever given me’.

Later on in the evening he said ‘I love you’ by accident. I am pretty sure he was trying to say something else and it was a Freudian slip.

Normal service will be resumed.

OK, this is good. I can feel life seeping back into me. This evening finds me cleaning my house. This is a good sign because this time last week I cared more about not having to get up and clean the house than I did about seeing Marcel.

OK, good. I am croaky and I wouldn’t last long on a treadmill but things are definitely improving. Shall we have a tune? In fact, get up and dance.

A knife, a fork, a bottle and a cork, that’s the way we spell New York. Right on!

Dillinger: Cocaine In My Brain (1976)

I still have a cold.

I am so bored with it now. Sneezing. Coughing. Too hot. Too cold. Starving all the time. No appetite. Fuzzy in the head. Can’t concentrate on anything demanding. I have listened to 3 lightweight audio books and knit one entire scarf. I have a deadline of Sunday afternoon to be completely better because I do not want to miss another date with Marcel.


Hot Hot Chocolate Milk

So you’ve woken up with a streaming cold and it’s too early in the day for a hot toddy. I know. You have all my sympathy. Here’s a warming recipe that will perk you right up.

1. Take out your mug, fill with milk, microwave that bad boy for say 3 minutes so it’s piping hot.

2. Stir in any brand of good quality drinking chocolate (not cocoa). Stir patiently and thoroughly so the chocolate melts into the milk.

3. Now the fun part. Get the chilli powder.


Ignore that warning on the front of the pack, it is for little girls. Add about this much to your mug:


Thoroughly stir in and serve. Now that is what I call hot chocolate. Will warm you right up and make you feel revived. The effects won’t last for ever, so make the most of the next few minutes of actually feeling quite good. Here’s Boo Yaa Tribe. Ready?

Wop-bop-a-loo-bop! Wop-bop-a-loo-bop-ba-lop-bam-boom!

Boo Yaa Tribe: Psycho Funk (1989, original mix)

Hot Toddy

I wondered why I felt a bit sluggish at work today, and later, why I suddenly and weakly felt like I wanted JC, and then this evening the symptoms of a cold, mild fever and general malaise reasserted themselves and this actually made me feel better because at least I’m not just being lazy. I am still unwell. OK. That explains why I don’t feel capable of doing much. I am just going to knit this evening and drink hot toddy. Here is the recipe. You need: cloves, cinnamon, honey, lemons, some kind of alcohol. I am going to use Captain Morgan’s Spiced Rum although I think whisky is more traditional.

Now I am just going to knit quietly and drink this and wait to feel better. I suppose you have to have colds at this time of year.

Step 1: Take out your favourite mug. Isn’t this one lovely, it is from Waitrose.




Honey. Here I’ve just used one teaspoon but you might need more if you really like fresh lemon juice.



Add some rum. If you go crazy and accidentally add too much rum or whisky, causing your toddy to end up too strong, you can take the edge off by stirring in some brown sugar at the end.



Cloves, cinnamon.



Lemon juice. You want to balance the honey and the lemon juice against each other, so keep the amounts in proportion.



Hot water, slice of lemon.



It’s just occurred to me that this drink would also be great using Jack Daniels Honey Liqueur, which you’ve heard me rave about on previous occasions. I always enjoy JD products, just now I am absolutely loving Jack Daniels Barbecue Sauce with Chilli. It is terrific on a plate of bacon. Yeah, diet, whatever. Sick people need to eat.

jd bbq sauce