Month: August 2012


Went on a date with a very hot and sweet-natured girl who showed up in a flirty dress. Had a great first date. Drinks and dinner.

Arrived home around 11.30 or midnight. Had a post-date discussion with JC. Felt so much love for him. Love, isn’t that what it’s supposed to be about? In a few days it will be our first anniversary.

Despite going out, managed to do an hour of Chinese homework earlier in the evening. 1 Chinese point.

Motivation & Use of Time

I sometimes think I use my demanding travel schedule as an excuse for letting things slide. I can see that I’ve been living rather hedonistically lately. While this is a lot of fun, it does not move us towards the long term goals of TLYW. I also note that I’ve been collecting achievement points at a slow pace lately.

It’s about time I re-established some of the routine and infrastructure that is supposed to characterise TLYW. From now on, if I’m not going out for the evening, I will:

– do an hour of housework

– do an hour of Chinese

– do an hour of exercise, ideally gym or running but at this point going for a walk would do.

Let’s see if we can make that happen. It is TLYW’s second birthday in about a month and I’d like to celebrate that day feeling good about what we’ve achieved and where we are heading.


All right, I scored all three points. That’s excellent. Going to update the Achievements now.

The fat-ass you want.

It was my birthday recently. I celebrated with cake, trifle, more trifle, various pastries such as cinnamon swirls, gallons of full-fat latte, tiramisu, custard slices, boxes of chocolate, bars of chocolate, flapjack and many more. (Thank you, yes, I did enjoy myself!)

It probably goes without saying that I am looking portly this week.

As of right now, JC and I are in the honeymoon stage of reconciliation. This leads to us planning amazing, romantic dates. The kind of conversation where you compare diaries and pick out weekends as though there’s a chance of it really happening. In turn this leads me to imagine that I have a mere 2-3 weeks in which to shed a minimum of ten pounds.

And that, everyone, is one way to regain an interest in your diet.

Do it one time and do it again

I am tired of dating, it is wearing me out. I went on another non-starter of a first date that probably doesn’t need reporting on. There are a few more people waiting in the wings, like there always are. I can’t be bothered with Lizard King, his shine has worn off already and Richard dumped me so that’s the end of him.

It’s not all doom and gloom though because I’ve just had a really happy few days. Saturday night I went to Klaus’s place, I haven’t seen him for ages and we had such a lovely time watching movies and catching up on all our news and gossip, I enjoy his friendship so much. It was just like old times when we used to see each other once a week or so. Added to this quite blissful state of affairs, it seems like normal service has been resumed with JC. By normal service I mean that I can text and email him whenever I want, he is attentive, pleased to hear from me and offering me dates. Plus we are having virtual sex that is very nearly as good as seeing him in person and is measurably better than some of the sex I’ve had in real life with other people because he is such an intelligent, complex, sexually motivated man and after nearly a year of knowing each other, he knows exactly what I like and how to talk to me about it.

Dear Klaus, dear JC. Between the two of you, you make me so perfectly happy and contented. Can’t we just be like this all the time? If so, I don’t need to date anyone else.

TLYW is a bit of a mess at the moment. Between my travel schedule and Little G’s return home, my house is a tip. I am fatter than usual. I am not even close to going running. I am not getting enough Chinese homework done. I’m not getting enough of anything done because I keep going out all the time. Readers, I am so strongly inclined to go back to JC for a while and let him love me in the only way he knows how, and let Klaus make up the difference, to the extent that he carries on being available. I love the two of them so much and spending time with them both makes me feel so contented and so normal that I have time and head space to get all these other things done, the things that TLYW is made of.

Will you all forgive me if I do that for a while? I know you are sick of hearing about JC but there’s a great relief in going back to familiar old boyfriends, if only for a bit of respite and breathing space.

I’ve been to two Chinese lessons, I had to organise make-up classes because I’ve missed a lot of Chinese school this term. So two Chinese points for that.

Since I am celebrating a return to familiar things from the past, let’s begin our Season of Snoop with that classic number Gin and Juice from all the way back in 1994. Support our favourite artist by buying the album if you don’t have it already, although frankly how anyone has bridged the gap between 1994 and now without Doggystyle is beyond my comprehension.

Snoop Dogg: Gin & Juice

Kuala Lumpur Shopping Culture

Where there’s big business, there’s big shopping. Thought you’d like to see some of KL’s impressive shops and malls. The ones I recommend visiting are The Pavilion and Suria KLCC.

The green and blue decorations are for Ramadan.

Women’s magazines with veiled models.

These guys are making sweets. Their skill was awesome to behold. I watched for a long time as they manipulated the soft sugar into perfect geometric shapes.

Snoop Lion

Everyone’s favourite rapper has been to Jamaica and returned as a Rastafarian. Apparently he felt it was time to start preaching peace and love. Well, he is 40. RIP Snoop Dogg. Long live Snoop Lion.

I might have a new musical season dedicated entirely to Snoop to celebrate the great man’s life and work. Here’s his first single as a reggae artist.

Snoop Lion: La La La (2012)