Month: April 2012

Shall I compare thee to a summer’s pudding?

I saw Laurent and he was delightful. He reminds me of edible summer delicacies. Gateaux, meringues, puff pastry. Ripe, soft, juicy summer fruit and whipped cream. Fresh and light. So easy to eat. Melts on the tongue. Nom nom nom, all gone. May I have a second helping, please.


I am trying to be super careful with Laurent, as you might be careful when carrying a large meringue to the picnic table, because the poor baby has only just departed a long-ish relationship, which departure was doubtless quite harrowing for him. So I am trying to be super easy and low-pressure while he gets used to having me around and witnesses my ability to not get emotionally involved.

In other news:

  • I finally did some Chinese homework and went to class, earning 2 Chinese points.
  • I’ve just entered a busy phase at work, leading me to cancel the couple of new dates I had in mind for this week; we’ll see about those some other time.
  • I have stopped being angry following my row with JC. We are not speaking to each other and I take this to be a permanent arrangement. Laurent made me smile so much that I forgot all about it.

Sugar Minott: (We Got A) Good Thing Going (1981)

Let there be dating.

Last night’s contretemps is having the interesting result of causing me to arrange dates for next week. So expect more dating news soon. It looks like we are in for a couple more days of going out straight from work and general failure in the areas of gym and homework.

Unrelatedly, I took a load of probiotic this and that this morning and now I feel nauseous. Well, I assume it is unrelated.


JC and I have just had the mother of all arguments, in which I called him all the four-letter words I could think of, which is a lot. Is this the end of the line, at long last? Let’s hope so. Conflict resolution has never been his strong point and if he makes even the slightest effort to recover the situation now I will die of amazement. I am tagging this post ‘love’ with reluctance and in memoriam.

The Zombies: She’s Not There

My New Goals

Further to the helpful comments on the previous post, here are my new goals.

  1. Find someone who can supply me with regular sex and who is attractive and edgy enough to take my mind off JC. Some version of Continental European if possible. This is certainly an achievable goal but, as we all know, going out and meeting new men all the time is a full time job and is exhausting so I am going to wait a bit longer for Laurent, who is dealing with some life issues at the moment.
  2. Eat large amounts of custard slices without gaining weight. I believe I have succeeded in that ambition this week, which defies logic.
  3. Get my finances sorted out. This one is serious. I can’t believe I’ve only scored like 8 Finance points in 18 months, pathetic.
  4. Return to running and dancing. I really enjoy both these things, it’s just hard to get going again once you’ve stopped.
  5. Go out to more hip hop and reggae events where I can dance. It amounts to a crime to live in London and not do these things.
  6. Read more. I am not reading enough and I have hundreds of really great books right here. I might start a TLYW book club.
  7. Improve my cocktail-mixing skills. I wonder if I’ve got time to take a short mixology course, that would be really fun.
  8. Buy a vibraphone or xylophone and learn to play it. It’s going to be expensive, that’s the only thing stopping me from ordering one right now.

Things I want to keep doing:

  1. Chinese. Get better at it. Move up to Grade 2 at Chinese school.
  2. Sewing. Go from ‘crap’ to at least ‘average’.
  3. Seeing art exhibitions.
  4. Keeping the house clean (yay! I am pretty good at this! I sweep my floors frequently and the toilets are shiny.)

Meh. These seem like short term goals. I need a huge massive goal such as ‘become an astronaut’. I’ll let you know when I’ve thought of something.


Things I have not done this week.

  1. Running
  2. Chinese homework. None whatsoever. And I am about to put it off for one more day.

I can’t really explain why I am not doing these things except that I don’t feel like making an effort.

Things I have done this week.

  1. Mess around on the internet. Too much of this.
  2. Talk to JC. I think he likes me more when I date other men, so I tell him about it.
  3. Work on making a gift for my sister. It’s quite a big project and at least counts as something productive.

I need to get my arse in gear. I’m just not sure exactly how. Any tips gratefully welcomed.

Reggae Season continues with the delicious Barrington Levy. Levy was born in Jamaica in 1964 and achieved enormous success and acclaim in the 1980s when he was still a very young man. Possibly his most famous hit is Under Mi Sensi but today I’m going to play you Prison Oval Rock, just because it’s such a joy to sing along with the refrain “Oooh yeah, what a cool an’ deadly”. The complete lyrics are here.

Barrington Levy: Prison Oval Rock (1985)