Month: March 2012

Soldiering on.

Gah. I am so allergic to these antibiotics it is not even funny. Constant skin rashes on random parts of my body, sweating, dizzy, other symptoms that you don’t even want to hear about. This is not TLYW, it is itchy and sweaty. I am coughing a bit less so I suppose that is something. Some kind of trade-off.

Obviously I’m not doing any exercise or seeing Klaus or going out at all in this terribly poor condition. Can’t even drink because of the antibiotics, they have rendered me semi conscious already, I don’t like to think what would happen if I added alcohol. There are only three bright spots:

1. Chinese. Staying in by myself at least means I am getting loads and loads of Chinese homework done and I’ve earned three more points including today’s effort which will extend into this evening.

2. JC. Ah, my lovely imaginary relationship with my bad-tempered imaginary boyfriend. The huge advantage of never seeing each other is that it doesn’t matter if I’m out of breath and wearing a rash. He occasionally sends me texts in which we imagine how great it would be if we actually saw each other.

3. Pop music. Let’s have some Joss Stone. Summery.

Joss Stone: Super Duper Love

Start the week

Hi everyone, just time for a quick news update on a Monday morning.

Health: my bronchitis is going from bad to worse. I am going to see a doctor today to get antibiotics because apparently I cannot fight it off on my own and this cough is getting depressing.

Dating: it’s been quite action-packed and only partly in a good way. Using all of my considerable charm, I spontaneously threw out a magic spell in the direction of JC and, lo, he came right on back to me, purring and contented as a pussycat. We had a joyful conversation in which he said some quite lovely things to me that he’s never said before and made me feel like he’d missed me more than I missed him. We then went on to arrange a date for the very next day – readers who’ve been following along know that arranging a date with JC normally takes weeks or months because we are never in the same country at the same time. So that was a really blissful situation for about a day. But then on the morning of our reunion date, with complete predictability, one of us had to cancel, in this case me. And then, also with complete predictability, one of us got snippy about it, in this case me, and then JC was snippy back because he doesn’t like other people to be more snippy than he is. Apparently I am not good at dealing with frustration and JC is absolutely awful at dealing with me when I am cross. I am not sure we are even friends at the moment. I think I need to give up. We are way too busy to see each other and we bring out the worst in each other’s bad temper.

I made sure to go out in the evening and have lots of fun with someone else so all’s well that ends well.

Other than that I’ve done lots of Chinese homework and been to another class, earning two Chinese points.

Weekly Weigh In

No change. 10 stone 6 pounds or 146 lbs. That’ll do me.

I still have bronchitis so I’m not running. Therefore I’m grateful not to have gained any weight. My work schedule this past week has been the worst possible thing for health so I’m not really surprised I’m not better. I’m going to try and rest a lot this week and see if I can finally shake off this chest infection. The alternative is a fifth course of antibiotics and I am so keen to avoid that I would rather spend another week coughing.

I don’t have any other news. There might be dating news soon.

The Crazy World of Arthur Brown: I Put A Spell On You


Nobody sings that song like Arthur Brown, he is completely unhinged.