Month: February 2012

Points Round-up

Hello readers!

I have had a busy time! Here’s a quick news update and points round-up.

Chinese: I went to my first lesson of this new course and it was so great to dive back into Chinese. I can remember quite a bit of what I learned from last year, it is all flooding back. I’m so happy to be studying again. 1 Chinese point.

Friends: I was sociable! I went for lunch with my friend Je, we had sushi and then went to various shops in Soho where I bought a pair of very shiny red shoes with six-inch heels. Mmm. Sexy. I have also visited my sister and her family so that makes two Friends points.

Health: I’ve been for another hour-long run, which was great. 1 Health point.

Reclaiming the Home: Managed to squeeze in a three-hour block of housework. 1 Home point.

Dating: Okay so here is the fun news. After letting me stew for about a day JC decided to be conciliatory with me. I sent him a photo of me in my new shoes and he said I looked amazing in them and told me to find out about a club we want to go to together, which is his way of promising me a special date. I am so happy we are friends again. As for German boy, who shall hereafter be referred to as Young Klaus (not his real name, lol), he was lovely. Absolutely great. We had an extremely successful date (hem hem), he thoroughly charmed me with his youth and his German accent and we will be seeing each other again.

Phew! It’s been an action-packed couple of days.

Business Time

I need cheering up so here’s another magnificent tune from Flight of the Conchords. If the naughty looking German toy boy I have lined up for this forthcoming date has a pulse, you know what time it’s gonna be. That’s right.

Flight of the Conchords: Business Time

Dating ups & downs.

JC and I have had a tiff. It was about his near-permanent unavailability. I am finding it difficult. It’s all very nice talking about summer holidays and such but those kinds of conversations are not much of a substitute for actually seeing somebody. I was rather unhappy when he cancelled our upcoming date because of work. So I have promptly arranged to go on a date with someone else, because Gloria Startover does not mope around when she could be out on a real live date with a real person, smiling and wearing red lipstick.

Weekly Weigh In: Four pounds down!

Well, the results are in. It’s been a week of incredible discipline and self-restraint. I haven’t deviated from my diet even once. I have stayed away from all refined carbs. I have eaten porridge, fruit, salad, omelettes and the occasional handful of nuts. That is all. I have eaten only enough food to keep from being hungry and I am surprised how little food that turns out to be. In addition, I have exercised nearly every day, for amounts of time ranging from 1 hour and ten minutes to two and a half hours. I have exercised so much that twice this week I went to work in a tracksuit, for the sake of convenience, and I can promise you I have never worn a tracksuit outdoors, except when I was directly on my way to running, in my whole life.

It has been an extremely challenging week, a week of monumental effort, a week that has even changed my wardrobe in ways I never anticipated. And the reward is that I have lost an amazing four pounds. That’s the biggest loss in a single week since my very first week of dieting.

I am 10 stone seven pounds, or 147 pounds.

I am almost daunted by my own success. Can I lose weight again this week? How hard is that going to be? How easy would it be to put weight back on? Especially now I’m packing on a bit of muscle, I can already feel that my biceps are more solid than last week. Abs are still buried under a layer of fat but they must be gradually getting stronger as well.

Okay, well wish me luck everyone. Now I’ve proved to myself where iron control and determination will get you. All I have to do now is maintain that iron grip.

Still working.

This is so hard. Don’t eat anything that’s not strictly necessary. Exercise all the time. Tonight I went to two dance classes, scoring two dance points, and naturally it was painfully slow progress because I don’t know any of the steps for any of the classes. All the moves are really unfamiliar. I suppose I just have to keep going and eventually I’ll know what to do. Tap is especially hard, I’m convinced I’m doing basically all of it wrong. It’s not a beginners’ class; bizarrely, there is no beginners’ class. So I am standing at the back of the elementary class not knowing what the hell is going on. I am going to have to teach myself at home I think, until I know what the teacher means when he skips about and randomly says things like ‘shuffle’ and ‘ball change’ and other phrases that I haven’t heard of.

When I came home I did 30 minutes of abs.