Month: December 2011

Run, Walk, Dance.

Christmas proceeds at a speedy pace so I’d better keep recording the details of my Xmas Exercise Challenge otherwise it will all turn into a blur. Last time we spoke it was December 23rd and I’d scored two gold stars. Here’s what’s happened since then:

Dec 24th: no exercise today. Had to do some travelling that used up most of the day.

Dec 25th: despite my lingering cold, up and out on Xmas morning for a brisk walk. Do we have a chart for that? I think we do. That was Exercise day 3 of 12.

Dec 26th: Boxing Day. Still have a cold. Go out for another hour-long walk almost identical to the above, this being Day 4/12. No Nike chart for this one because my Nike app was frozen, so you’ll have to take my word for it being the same as the day before.

Dec 27th (yesterday). Get up too late to go out walking or running in the morning. Do a big day of travelling and visiting relatives. Thought all was lost on the exercise front, but then went to a party last night and danced for four solid hours, only sitting down to catch my breath at 3am and finally going to bed at 4am. I looked and felt like I’d been on a long run. This being exercise day 5/12.

Dec 28th (today). Phew. I am knocked out today. Could barely shuffle to the supermarket to buy milk, never mind exercising. So this is me cashing in my second and final no-exercise day already. We are seven days in to my fourteen-day break, I’ve used up both no-exercise days and I’ve actually completed 5 days of exercise out of a hoped-for 12. So wish me luck everyone. I’m going to have to exercise every single day now if I want to succeed at this challenge.

Oh yes, the above means I have earned 3 Health points, which I will gladly take.

And now … if you were wondering what it was that had me moving and grooving all over the dance floor for four consecutive hours last night, here it is. Dirty, grimy, London-style garage and hip-hop.


Skinnyman: No Big Ting


Audio Bullys ft. Nancy Sinatra: Shot You Down


Oxide & Neutrino: No Good 4 Me

Weekly Weigh In

Very quickly, because I am busy …

… I am back down to 10 stone and 12 pounds, or 152 lbs. I still think my gut looks enormous but hey I’m not complaining if I’ve lost a pound. It’ll be interesting to see how far I’ve managed to reduce the poundage in two weeks, at the end of my Christmas Challenge.

Happy Xmas, everyone. Don’t go mad on cake. Or if you do, go for a run the next day.

The Twelve Exercise Days Of Christmas

Hurrah, I am finally off work. The very best thing about Xmas is that I get two solid weeks off work, something that is not achievable at any other time of year. This is in fact Day 2 of my holiday and I go back on Thursday 5th January.

As you know, I have been a greedy git lately. I started Christmas a bit early, took no exercise and went crazy with trifle and chocolate biscuits, not to mention copious amounts of alcohol. I don’t know why I thought that wasn’t going to result in weight gain.

Anyway, I have now come to my senses. My Christmas present to myself doesn’t need to be regaining that stone of fat that I’ve laboriously lost. No. I have decided that my gift to myself is going to be ending this Xmas holiday with a slightly better body than I started out with.

So here is the deal. I have 14 consecutive days in which I don’t have to go to work, therefore there’s absolutely nothing stopping me from exercising. I am going to be generous and allow myself two non-exercise days, to be cashed in at any time, in case I have another hangover or something. So that means I am aiming for 12 bouts of exercise in a two week period. I know from experience that when I exercise a lot I eat better and therefore by the time I go back to work on 5th January I should be in better shape than I am now.

The other rule is that basically any kind of exercise will do as long as it lasts a full hour. Running is obviously ideal but run/walking is also allowed if my knees feel twingey and even a brisk walk will do if for some reason the first two are not options.

So! I am very happy to report that the first two Exercise Days of Xmas are already in the bag, here are the charts. I am going to put festive gold stars on to pretty them up and mark the occasion. Day 1 (yesterday) was a 52-minute run followed by 10 mins of walking and today was a slightly more sedate hour of mixed run/walking. I have a slight cold at the moment which was making me breathless today so I’m pleased that I went out and did it anyway.

Wish me luck everyone!! Here are the charts.

First exercise day of Xmas:

Second exercise day of Xmas:

Two Health points.

Egg Nog

Considering that I don’t cook, I am amazed how many recipes appear on this blog. Here is a seasonal one: Egg Nog. Apparently a favourite of the English aristocracy in the eighteenth century.

You are going to combine eggs, heavy cream, milk, sugar and optional vanilla extract and achieve a delicious creamy, custardy type of confection that also includes brandy and rum. Yes Please.

I went for a run this morning, for the first time in two weeks. 1 Health point. I dread to think how many times I will have to go out for a run to combat the effects of the festive season.

Big Fat Christmas

Saturday. Just time for a quick weigh-in. I have gained a pound this week readers, and it’s what I deserve. I have had a crazy week. Crazy. Haven’t exercised once. Got horribly drunk on Monday. Didn’t eat anything on Tuesday due to being so hung over, then compensated all through the rest of the week up to and including last night when I had a giant Xmas feast. This week I have eaten: most of a family size tin of chocolate biscuits; pizza; trifle, and by Friday I was back on the cocktails.

I am actually surprised I’ve only gained a pound, under the circumstances.

This morning I had festive breakfast. Porridge adorned with ginger yogurt and cocktail cherries. YUM.

I am enjoying this Christmas ever so much more than last year! Cheers everyone!