Month: November 2011

A quick hour at the gym

Didn’t run on Sunday so gym was more or less compulsory today. 1 hour on the treadmill. Ran at a respectable pace for about 25 minutes and power-walked the rest. I am going to try really hard to have a good diet week because if only I had eaten sensibly last week, I definitely would have lost something through all the exercise I did.

Only a measly 327 calories but I walked to and from work today which uses up 100 calories each way so we are all good. 1 Health point.

I’ve just discovered and it looks useful. It is a big compendium of tips, such as how to defrost food in a frying pan, how to set volume levels for Windows programmes individually, best iPhone apps, cleaning tips, health tips and so on. You might like it too.


Edited to add: Oh, the simple common sense of it. I love it already. Look at this gem. People! Store your dumbells near your desk!! Not in a different room. Not way over there under the ironing board! Near your desk!! When you are bored with your work, do a few curls. It reminds me of Flylady’s zen-like genius for housework.

Weekly weigh-in & news round-up.

Sorry to have been quiet for so long, everyone. It’s been a manic week. I have been super busy at work. My parents came to stay and have only just departed, about an hour ago. Plus I was out of London for a couple of days at the end of the week. Added to this, I’ve managed to go out socialising once or twice, so all things considered it’s no wonder I haven’t had a chance to blog.

As you can probably imagine, what with all the entertaining and socialising, I have eaten fancy food and drunk alcohol without restraint. Readers, today’s cocktail is the Mai Tai: this super-strong cocktail is served over crushed ice and typically uses white rum, dark rum, Amaretto and a bunch of tropical fruit juices such as orange and pineapple. I was quite wazzed on these last night.

This morning I got up, skipped breakfast, was starving by midday and polished off a big fry-up at the local caff. So that is what kind of a diet week it has been. Nothing to be proud of, I’m afraid.

On the plus side, it has been a good exercise week, with no less than four bouts of exercise since I last blogged, one brisk walk and three good runs. Also, do you know what’s really exciting? Do you remember, my Nike charts started out yellow and then turned to orange when I’d logged a certain distance? Well guess what, I have reached the GREEN level. That’s right. Green means that in total I have logged at least 250km with Nike Plus, that’s 155 miles. Oh yeah. Here are my exciting green charts.

Sunday (this was when I walked with my friend, who has a knee injury).




Just look at that last one. 563 calories.

That’ll be four Health Points, thank you very much.

Right then, it really is about time I got on the scales to find out if all of that exercise has made even the slightest difference. I can’t be too upset if it hasn’t, considering I’ve just scoffed a big plate of eggs, bacon and sausages, not to mention all the booze and chocolate that featured this week.  We’ll be right back after this break.