Month: October 2011

Friday’s run

I did go for a run, it wasn’t as impressive as this chart makes it look. It was a mix of slow jogging and walking and also I kept stopping to send text messages so it was a bit pathetic really but nonetheless, that’s a few more miles/calories taken care of.

Better than nothing, anyway, and it was no effort really once I got my shoes on and went outside. It is making yourself go outside that is the hard part.

10k 101

Found my 10k running programme. Got the schedule. Got all the podcasts. That was quick. I sort of wanted it to take a bit longer so I could procrastinate.

Bloody hell. Is there anything stopping me from putting my shoes on now and going outside? There’s not, is there.

Chrissakes. I suppose I’m going for a run, then. I’ll see you in a bit.

Friday already

Is it Friday already? Time to get on the scales. Oh dear, I’m sure it’s not going to be good news this week. I have exercised, as you know, but not every day and as for the diet well it has been rather relaxed. My main downfall this week has been (a) eating out and (b) wine. I would say I have single handedly consumed the equivalent of two-and-a-half bottles of wine this week and that is hardly the behaviour of someone on a diet, is it. Although it is possibly the behaviour of someone who goes out a lot.

I am finding it moderately difficult to make myself go out and run. This needs to change. I still need to shift some flab and I would like to tone up quite a lot so I need to get back in the groove with exercise. I have thought about it, and I was at my keenest when doing the couch-to-5k programme, because I constantly had something to aim for. Since then I haven’t had much of an aim other than ‘keep running’. So I am going to do Todd Lange’s 10k programme. This is just what I need. I regularly run 7k or something close to it so I should be able to manage 10k fairly easily. I even think I have already downloaded the training podcasts, it is just a matter of finding them.

That’s my plan. I’ll have a look on my computer in a minute and see if I can find all my 10k training stuff. But first – it is that time again. OH DEAR. It is time to get on the scales and find out just how much damage you can do to yourself with 2.5 bottles of wine and a bunch of meals out that at no point involved salad. Eek!!

Back after this break.

Lying old men.

A mid-week update.

Monday morning I successfully got out of bed early enough to get some exercise in before work. I didn’t run, for reasons that are not clear to me, but I did briskly walk four miles and burned off 400 calories. Here is the chart.

What made Monday quite special is that I then walked a further two miles later on in the day, adding up to a magnificent 600 calories burned off. I thought that was really good. 1 Health point.

After that I went to the dentist and had a giant wisdom tooth removed from the right hand side of my mouth, which is being completely demolished and flattened to make way for the great building project of 2012. It wasn’t a very pleasant experience because the tooth had long, curly roots and did not want to come out. It took a long time. My face is still aching now. 1 Health point for doing that even though there are times when I want to quit this dental project and just go home.

Then in the evening I sat around quietly nursing my face and chatting to a guy I met through the dating site. One of these sites I use (there are two) has you fill out hundreds of lifestyle and attitude questions, ‘how educated are you’ and ‘do you prefer dogs or cats’, stuff like that. Most of the questions are pretty stupid and irrelevant, eg ‘would you need to have sex with someone before marrying them’. I suppose if you are a teenage religious fundamentalist living in Utah that might be a worthwhile question but otherwise, you know, shut up. Anyway, depending on your responses to these questions the website indicates the strength of your compatibility with all of its other members, expressed as a percentage.

So. This guy. Struck up a conversation with me saying we should meet because we both live in London and we are 85% compatible according to this ridiculous metric. I said “Dude, write something on your profile. It is blank except for your photo. All the compatibility rating tells me is that we are highly educated Londoners, well big deal, so are seven million other people, tell me what makes you different and special”. “I’ll tell you when I see you” says he, and we continue on in this vein for a while. So anyway I can see that he’s articulate enough and the things he says make him sound pretty switched-on and successful, plus his photo is not bad looking. He looks to be about 40, one of those media types. You know the kind. I work with them all the time. As it happens, I am planning to be out and about in London the following afternoon (Tuesday) for work reasons and could free up a bit of time for a drink and maybe even dinner on the way home so I agree to meet him.


You know how I was complaining the other day about that 27-year-old whose weight problem implied that his photos were five years out of date? Well this guy’s photo was a staggering twenty-five years out of date. I swear he was 65 if he was a day. I had no hope of recognising him when we met at the tube station and I was so mightily unimpressed that he would pretend to be 25 years younger than he actually is that I nearly turned around and got back on the train. However, there’s a bar directly across the road and I do want a glass of wine, so we go there. I am interested to hear how he will account for himself.

What a tosser he turned out to be. Not unintelligent, just a complete wanker. If I told you he was a Tory politician that would convey much of what I got. Of course, if he had told me “I am a 65 year old Tory politican and that photo might as well be of someone else entirely” I wouldn’t have even considered meeting him. So he blustered on about himself while I drank my wine. He talked and talked. He expressed some repellent views about people on benefits and immigrants. He talked down to me and tried to tell me that I don’t know anything. All the while thinking himself very charming and debonair and imagining that the date was going well. Eventually he said “well, what shall we do about dinner”.

At that point, I gave it to him straight. I told him that we were not going to have dinner together and that I was leaving now because he seriously misrepresented himself and I don’t like being lied to. I also have not got time to meet the entire population of the world and therefore I don’t appreciate having my time wasted by people who solicit my attention under false pretences. He was rather surprised. In true politician style, he started trying to argue his way out of the situation. He told me he felt it was perfectly acceptable to put unrepresentative and misleading photos on a dating website in order to get women to meet him because he wants to keep his true identity a secret and he feels that if he and the woman get along when they meet face to face then all is well, because –

I interrupted him. “Bait and switch” I said. “What? What’s that?” says he. “Bait and switch. It’s the exact word for what you’ve just described. Look it up.”

Then he argued and wheedled some more until I went from disappointed to angry and departed as fast as my legs could carry me. I got on the tube and went somewhere else where I had a very nice dinner on my own.

The stupid, arrogant man.

So that’s where we are up to so far this week.

Mists of Pandaria

Woo hoo! Blizzcon 2011 has just happened (wish I had been there, I went to one a few years ago and it was AWESOME). At Blizzcon, Blizzard announced the 2012 expansion pack for World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria.

O god o god I am so excited. Here is the trailer. Look at the audience screaming. I would have screamed too, if I had been there. I fucking love Blizzcon, it is like a rock concert for gamers.


Here is a thorough preview of Mists of Pandaria, courtesy of PikiGeek. Highlights:

Mists of Pandaria was so far along in production that Blizzard actually had the game in playable form on the showroom floor. 

Yay! That means it will be released soon!! Or at least, nearer the beginning of 2012 than the end.

new eleventh class being added with the expansion: the monk

The overall feel of the Pandaren starter zone is a lot more relaxed and non-threatening than, say, the dark and brooding violence of the worgen zone …. Instead, the focus is on the experience and exploration, elements that have arguably been lost in World of Warcraft over the last few years.

This is music to my ears. I am a dedicated solo player and I am all about experience and exploration. I don’t care about killing the Lich King or whoever, I just want to fly around by myself and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

So happy. This sounds great. I really did not like the Cataclysm expansion and found it hard to forgive Blizz for the ridiculously inflated gear stats, the uni-directional, linear quest chains and the endless cut scenes. It has been a very difficult expansion to get along with, if you play like I do (I not only solo, I have dozens of characters, so I need a lot of free-form activity and quest variety so as to avoid repetition). I am really hoping that Mists of Pandaria is going to give me back the game I love.

Lots of technical details about MoP here, at mmochampion. Five new levelling zones. New PVE scenarios – you don’t need the typical tank/heal/dps setup, you will just be able to enter and play your role no matter what it is (this sounds good to me, might make me more interested in groups). More quest choices, and a lot less linear (yay!).

Bring it on, Blizz. I am on the edge of my seat now, waiting for a release date.




Final note: WoW lovers: do not miss the Annual Pass, available from Battlenet. If you agree to a further year of WoW subscription, you get:

  • A free copy of Diablo III
    Available to download from your account when the game is released.
  • Tyrael’s Charger
    Fancy land-and-air mount. Available via in-game mail with the launch of Patch 4.3: Hour of Twilight.
  • Guaranteed Beta Entry to the next World of Warcraft Expansion
    Available at an unannounced date in the future.