Month: January 2011

Work clothes

I hardly ever buy clothes; I don’t enjoy clothes shopping. About once every two years I realise that I really must show up for work events in better togs, and then I order stuff online and send back what I don’t want. I particularly like Betty Jackson designs, which are sold through Debenhams, so there’s easy. I’ve just received the first shipment of my 2011/12 work wardrobe and I’m trying it on now to see what fits. So far:

Black trousers.

Yay! Nice and generous in the waist, where I am fattest. A tiny bit too long in the leg, but not a problem now I have a sewing machine! I can just turn the hems up.

Orange dress.

Lovely. Fits me. A huge ruffle runs from shoulder to knee, hopefully distracting attention away from my lumps and bumps. I should get some belly-restraining underwear to see me through until I lose weight, hem hem.

Green twist-front top.

Gorgeous. Really does a great job of making my tum look smaller. This one will be a favourite.

Brown & black button cardigans. Lovely fabric, I appreciate the button detail on the sleeves. But I might exchange them for one size larger. Frankly too boring to merit a picture.

Olive maxi dress.

Hmm. I think I like it. It seems to be even longer than in the picture and it is lighter material than I expected, but it is not bad. I think it would need a statement necklace or earrings or something. Because it is such a subdued colour and there’s a lot of it, it is clearly the sort of dress that’s designed to act as a foil for eye catching accessories. The top part of the dress has bra pads built in to give shape, so you don’t want to wear your biggest bra with this one. I like the empire line which enhances boobs and disguises tum. I feel like I need more underwear on my bottom half because it is very light jersey. I think it will be okay with restraining pants and opaque tights on.

Drapey taupe cardigan with frill.

Perfect. Plenty long enough: it is bum-length. (I hate outfits that come apart in the middle, my 44-year-old midriff is not something to expose to the public.) Generously proportioned all around. Interesting double-pocket detail. A keeper.

Very good! Just those two button cardigans to exchange, then.

I am now just waiting on a navy print dress, a bag and two pairs of work shoes.

17 weeks in, doing fabulously

Jolly good, all is well. I am pretty happy, which is highly unusual for me, although not so unusual just lately. Good!

I finally did some housework this weekend and I am having one Home point. i don’t know what caused me to stall like that but I did a couple of hours today and it is looking a lot better. Hopefully I can get back in the swing now. I did a bunch of 15-minute Room Rescues and followed Flylady’s advice to use a kitchen timer, which you take from room to room with you. At first I thought this was a bit unnecessary as you could just look at the time on your phone or the nearest clock but I have found that Flylady is right as usual. When I use a clock, I frequently check the clock and that is time I should be using to actually do the chores. With the kitchen timer, you just set it for 15 mins and get on with your task, knowing that its little bell will ring when it’s time to stop.

Other than that the weekend has been about crochet, doing a few errands and a certain amount of napping. Very good.

I did it, I signed up!

I am so having an Art point today. Talk about making a commitment to TLYW.

I am taking the Sculpture course!  Six sessions, a whole day per session. It starts in two weeks!  Exciting!!

And guess what, I signed up for Chinese!!!  Beginners class starts at the end of Feb, for 10 weeks, one whole academic term.  How thrilling.

I had better expand my list of interests. I think I’ll soon be earning Chinese points.


I am looking at evening classes in foreign languages. What would you choose?

French. Advantages: did it at school, have basic, although patchy, knowledge. Relevant to the sort of art and philosophy that I like.

German. Relevant, as above. Something I’ve wanted to learn. Did not do at school, I’d be starting from scratch.

Chinese. A big challenge. Interesting written characters. I will learn something about Chinese history and culture by studying the language. Relevant to my job.

Those are my favourites so far.


I am browsing courses. There are lots of things I’d potentially like to study. As well as being interesting subject matter I would like it to include some element of socialising with other people, as this is something I am lazy about. So we probably want something quite interactive and creative and not so much of the sitting-in-rows type of learning.

I initially thought I was looking for an evening class, and maybe I am. I browsed creative writing and things like that. But THEN I found a course that is very interesting to me. It is all day, once a week. It lasts six weeks. It is: Sculpture. Not just theory of sculpture but actually making sculpture. How much fun would that be?!  And what a great incentive to read my sculpture books.

I am seriously thinking of signing up. I will let you know if I do, or if I pick something else. But it does sound fantastic.