Month: December 2010

Photos at last

Oh goody, I have found a way to make my computer speak to my camera. I thought all was lost for a while there. Now you can enjoy my slightly crappy photos. Below, the top and shorts combo I’m making for this doll. I now realise that I should have attached lace trim to the top before sewing on the press studs! Never mind, we will work around that. Also, I couldn’t quite understand the instructions for trimming the legs of the shorts, so I am doing my own thing.

Well, Happy Christmas. (Twelve weeks in!)

Bah humbug!! I did some sewing, earning 1 Sewing point! I made a top and have almost finished some matching shorts, for Clara’s doll. They are so cute, red and white polka dot. The sun was shining just now, and I took some pictures. Then my camera broke and now I can’t upload them. So that is very disappointing. I only just got my PC repaired, it was in hospital for two days earlier this week. I feel like the technology is conspiring against me.

Anyway, it’s Xmas so happy Xmas, or insert relevant occasion of your choice. Xmas is fairly compatible with knitting, and I hope to do some work on C’s socks.

Eleven weeks in!

Is it eleven weeks now since we started TLYW? My old life is gradually receding into the distance. I am glad to see it go. The new life is structurally a lot stronger than the old one, I just need to keep building it up, one brick at a time.

I think I am a bit scared of my sewing machine. I feel safe with knitting, even when it goes horribly wrong, it’s only within a range of wrongness that I understand and know how to fix. Sewing is a whole new realm of gadgets and words that are a bit mysterious to me. So, I have pulled all the doll stuff out on my sewing table, to tempt me to use it. Last night I browsed through patterns and matched up fabrics and I am nearly ready to go.

Here’s the doll:

Here’s where her new clothes are coming from:

I think maybe I’m scared of cutting into the fabric wrongly, or something. I should just get over it. They’re only bits of cotton.

I looked through one of the doll clothes books and it is quite basic, which is good. The other one is more advanced and made me realise that the key to impressive looking doll clothes is detail. Lace trim. Pockets. Beads for toggles. Necklaces. Headbands. It even tells you how to make co-ordinating flip-flops. I can see that things like craft foam and cutting mats will soon enter my life. I want to make little fleece jackets and an evening dress with a stretch velvet top and an organza skirt.

In other news, I finally earned a Home point. My son called to say he was coming home from uni, so naturally I tidied up, and did an hour in the kitchen which included cleaning the inside of the fridge and the microwave, both of which looked like they belonged in a filthy student squat, but which are now sparkling.

Checking in

Here we are again! Stoically pursuing The Life You Want by making ourselves do achievements.

I now realise why I am being a bit lazy and disorganised about doing the household chores. It is because over the last ten weeks, I’ve made some incredible gains in improving my life and my state of mind, and of course that has been most noticeable in the improved state of the house, what with nearly all the clutter gone now. So I’ve sort of thought “Hey! This is great! As long as I reasonably maintain what I’ve got now, I can kick back and relax!” But this kind of attitude will not help me reach my goal. My short term goal is to collect 100 points. The idea is to make 100 small but positive changes in my life and then step back and assess and enjoy how far I have come. 100. Not 25.

The good news is, I’m not being completely idle. The sink is shiny. The toilet has regularly met with the brush. I’ve dispatched a couple of loads of laundry & a couple of bags of rubbish. So I am doing stuff. I just seem to be a bit casual about doing them on the right day and making sure I don’t leave things out. So that situation needs to improve and I am not having any Home points for that. On the positive side, Flylady says “Even housework done imperfectly blesses your family”, which is quite right and a very cheering thought.

Oh, also I earned a Health point by doing my 40 minutes of walking yesterday 🙂

I have worn my new cardigan every day, including to work, and it is super, super warm. Outside it is snowing and I don’t even care.

And so we return to our Control Journal

Ah, I have been a poor student of Flylady since the bronchitis kicked in. I have been living on the profits of my clean and newly organised house. It cannot go on. I realised yesterday that I had left wet laundry in the washing machine for really quite a lot longer than is good for your clothes. This would not have happened if I had used my Control Journal, which not only tells me what days to do laundry, but even reminds me to hang up the last load of wet washing before going to bed.

This is why we have a routine, Gloria. So everything goes smoothly. So we do not have lightbulb moments when we realise something has been neglected. Take down the household control journal and do today’s chores right now.

The things you can do before 8pm.

I walked to and from work today, earning 1 Health point. Yay!

Then I wove in the last few ends on my new cardigan, that were there from when I did the seaming. It is done! I am wearing it now. I am still undecided about what closure mechanism I want to attach to it, maybe a discreet hook and eye. Also, I will press the remaining untidy seams before I take photos. But despite these small matters, it is done and it is COSY and very warm. I think I’m going to go and turn the central heating off.

Hey! Ten weeks in!

Goodness me, I am sorry to have been away for so long. Here’s all the news.

I’ve been very busy at work, and of course that is a good thing.

On Tuesday and Thursday I managed to walk to and from the office, earning 2 Health points. Yay! About time! I need to practise getting up half an hour earlier to make time for the morning bit.

I finished all the knitting on my purple cardigan: back, both front pieces, both sleeves, both cuffs. I’ve started weaving in the ends, then I’m going to press the edges (about time I got over my iron-phobia, lol) and sew it together.

I brought my niece’s doll home from the office and am avidly looking up doll knitting and sewing patterns on the internet. It turns out that fat quarters are exactly what some of these patterns recommend, and I am thrilled about that because I have some, from my shopping trip with C.

I am being a bit lazy about the daily chores routine and I really need to get back on to that, because I want to be able to do it on autopilot according to the day of the week.

Other than that? I’ve done a lot of video gaming. Which is not necessarily a bad thing, in fact it is one of my favourite things to do, but it is not something that my Life You Want specifies I need more of.

Intrigued? I am playing Sims 3:

and World of Warcraft

Join me! WoW comes with a free trial.