Month: November 2010


It is certainly bracing weather around here! I will have to get a portable heater. My central heating is turned right up and the living room is still cold. I am wearing blankets and am indistinguishable from when I was ill a few days ago. I have shamelessly not even tried to do any housework since my folks left at the weekend. I figure I only finished the antibiotics this morning, I’m back at work and the house can wait for a few more days while I gather my strength. So I am drinking hot beverages and knitting.

You see, having donated the Impulsive Winter Sweater to my step-dad, I am still without that thick jumper I so urgently need. So I am working on a new one, a big wrapover number in heavy purple yarn that I hope I can finish in a few days. I am just having a bit of trouble understanding the pattern for the fancy border. So that’s me. I’m not having any achievement points, as I don’t deserve any, unless you call resting an achievement, lol.

I hope I’ll get properly back into action this week. Wish me luck.

Eight weeks in & back in the game

All right! My bronchitis is finally abating after seriously giving me a run for my money for several days. My parents swooped in, performed various kinds of miracles (my step-dad is the king of household repairs) and eventually left. It has been a very long, strange week. I think I will be thrilled with the house when I am properly better. In the meantime, I am enjoying this last chance to sit down and drink tea before returning to work tomorrow.

As soon as I was well enough to get out of bed, I swiftly finished that winter sweater and gave it to my step-dad. It fits him perfectly.


I am playing Tetris with my house this evening. I have had a spectacularly productive day of decluttering at home and work. I now have empty shelf and cupboard space in my flat, where I can put things away. It is a strange irony that decluttering often causes your house to get much, much messier in the short term. I hope it won’t be hard to put all the furniture and everything in its proper locations. Because I only have a small flat, it goes like this:

  • Want to find the tiny screw I dropped just now when I was re-attaching the light fitting to the wall. (Don’t ask.)
  • It’s dark in here so I need to put a new bulb in the standing lamp, so I have a chance to find the screw.
  • To get to the standing lamp, I need to move the coffee table.
  • To move the coffee table, I need to put away the things that are blocking the sofa.
  • Also, to put the coffee table where it should be, I need to put the rugs down, and that means cleaning the rugs.
  • And that is going to mean changing the fuse in the vacuum cleaner.

So you see that is why I have to crate and shelve the Xmas tree and then repair the vacuum cleaner. So I can finish putting the light fitting back on.

I am having a Home point.


Bloody hell. OK, so I now realise that the lack of lust for housework I’ve experienced this week isn’t just me being lazy, as I first thought. That cold I mentioned? I still have it. I’ve had it for a week and I feel significantly worse than when it first came on and quite a lot worse even than yesterday.

I am going to have to see a doctor. I don’t know when, though. Can’t be tomorrow, as I have things booked in at work that took nearly a month to plan.

Oh man. I am sort of relieved that I wasn’t just being a lazy git and losing my housework mojo. Today I can hardly breathe at all and I’m sweating like there’s a heatwave.

Antibiotics here I come.

Wish me luck for the weekend. There is *so* much to do. We will get it all done somehow!  Even if I have to do five minutes at a time with 10 minute breaks.

Another thrilling housework list

Practise, practise, practise. Slowly practising the art of not being a slob around the house. Trying to instil good habits.

I need to get some domestic stuff done now, and it’s probably not going to happen unless I write down every thing and determine that I am going to do at least 10 things. So here we go. I’ll talk about something else next time.

  1. Put two sets of bedlinen in the washing machine.
  2. Remake Bed 1 (the other can wait for dry laundry).
  3. Swish & swipe the kitchen, wipe down counters.
  4. You knew it was coming. Sns both bathrooms, including floors.
  5. Clear 2 hotspots: desk, sewing table.

Oh sod it, that will have to do for tonight. Lol!