Month: October 2010

Living room

I have almost gutted my living room. Emptied the old bookcase and moved it to the hall. Moved the sofa into the hall. Sorted through two small mountains of clutter that were entirely blocking one end of the room. Taken up the rugs to assist with moving the furniture. It is like moving house. The floors in here are very dirty! I am very much looking forward to getting rid of so much junk that collects clutter and dirt and stops me living and working here efficiently.

Four weeks in & it’s a big weekend

Yay! Four weeks in to my new life!

I am very excited this weekend because I have a couple of days’ holiday from work on Monday and Tuesday. So I have an impressive four days to make things happen around here. Here are my plans:

  1. On Tuesday a man with a van is coming to take away some large items of clutter including a badly stained old sofa, office junk such as a broken monitor and computer chair, and assorted other items like an old mop. This is terrifically exciting and all the things need to be sorted and pulled into one place, ready to depart.
  2. I am going to rationalise and improve my home office space. I regularly work from home and my home office needs to be organised and efficient. It is currently spread over two desks, which is not ideal.
  3. While I’ve got both computers up and running, I need to synchronise my iPhone, which means finding the manual and the right bit of cable.
  4. Massive amounts of decluttering need to happen in the corners of the living room, either side of the window. It is a random collection of books, bits of cable, bits of Christmas tree and lord knows what else. It has all got to stop lurking in corners in huge piles.
  5. Finish demolishing a big pile of domestic paperwork that’s on the living room shelf. Most of it can probably be chucked, I just need to make myself go through it.
  6. Really need to find my personal cheque book so I can immediately settle a bill.
  7. Domestic budget needs to be set up.

That’s all for now. I’m not cleaning my son’s room until after his next visit home from college, in about a week. Hopefully he can make a start on it while he’s here, then I just need to finish off.

I am sure that list will grow as I think of more things, but even if I only do some of them, this weekend will have been a great step forwards, towards having the life I want.

Checking in

Still busy at work. Doing a late-night chores round-up. Is that bad?

  1. Wash dishes & shine the sink.
  2. Swish/swipe bathrooms.
  3. Clear hotspots (x 4).
  4. Reboot the laundry.
  5. Change all the bin liners.
  6. Water the plants.
  7. Put the bins out.

That’s all! The neighbours won’t be happy if I start sweeping at this hour. I am having 1 Home point for keeping at it.

Three weeks in & TLYW features something other than housework!

Yes, it’s true! I did something other than clean the house!

I spent the weekend as the house guest of my dear friend C. It was so lovely, I can hardly tell you. I met lots of delightful people and animals, knit almost a whole sock and was bathed in hospitality from start to finish.

What’s more, C. can sew. Really, really well. She bought curtain material and gave me a lesson on her sewing machine (which was amazing fun, like driving a sports car), and took me to the local fabric shops and showed me how to buy fabric. It was thrilling and I came home with a bundle of cute fabrics to learn on. To top it all off, C. gave me a wonderful book of sewing techniques, which I can’t wait to try out, and a stack of mohair knitting yarn.

The whole experience was like Christmas, come to think of it.

C., thank you so much.

I can’t believe I actually sewed on a machine. Oh joy. 1 Sewing point (first ever!) and 1 Friends.